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We are your local Edmonton area installation experts. We have dedicated Tile installers and would love to assist you. Whether it’s a backsplash, wall, shower or floor, we have you covered. Our installers are highly skilled, efficient, and their installation methods will provide you with a surface that will stand the test of time. Our installation teams are also polite, punctual and trustworthy. We are proud of the workmanship warranty we offer and our long-lasting relationships with our clients. Call us today to discuss your Tile project!

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Tile is like the jewellery of your home! Choosing a Tile type and installation pattern all require a significant amount of time and consideration, to ensure that you have the look that you will love for years to come. Natural stone products are very different than man-made Tile materials. There are pros and cons to each and depending on where you are installing them and your site conditions, some products may be preferred over others. We install Tile on floors, backsplashes, walls, custom showers, around fireplace surrounds, and just about anywhere else that you can dream up. From a design perspective, we always recommend our clients choose a timeless Tile for any large areas and reserve the fun trendy picks for smaller feature areas like the backsplash. Removing and replacing Tile is very costly, so it’s not a flooring change most people make on a whim. The installation of Tile is not a DIY friendly process. To meet the required codes for installation requires an experienced and knowledgeable professional. Most Tile installers ONLY install Tile as it is such a specialized trade. Subfloor stability is critical to ensuring the longevity of your Tile surface and proper site evaluation is critical to plan for your installation. Installations in wet areas require extensive knowledge about water penetration prevention systems. We will choose the installer that has the right experience for your specific installation and Tile choice.

tile installation faq

No, you can not install Tile over any floating floor system.

Yes, you certainly can. In some circumstances though this will prove to be a very difficult job. Sometimes Tile can be removed from your subfloor with only moderate efforts and patience. Other times the Tile will be so adhered to your substrate that specialty tools, equipment and experience will be required. So often people try to tackle this job themselves and may even be able to remove the tile but become very frustrated when the mortar refuses to budge from their subfloor.

This depends on your Tile choice and where it’s being installed. Each type of grout is preferred for certain circumstances, and we will help to determine what will work best based on your situation.

Tile installations are often tedious and time consuming for the installer. They require more labor, surface preparations and extreme attention to detail. Even on smaller installations, there are often multiple trips involved for each stage of the installation process. 

That depends on the size and layout of the area we are installing in, as well as the scope of work we are performing. The crew we send to your home will also affect the length of time your project will take. Some of our installers work alone and some are teams of three or more. Typically, once we know all the particulars of an install, we can provide an accurate timeline that allows our customers to plan their project.

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