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Today’s Laminate floors are a huge step up from their humble origins. They can look so close to wood now that many people would be hard pressed to differentiate them from a real wood floor when installed. Wood grain visuals complete with textured knot holes give these new generation laminates an unbelievably real wood appearance. Many new laminates have an ability to withstand moisture in a way that they never could before. The locking mechanisms and the way they are built make some of them able to withstand surface water without the swelling and bubbling laminate was so prone to in the past. This new moisture mitigating technology has propelled laminate back into the forefront of the flooring industry. Both the affordability and durability of laminate make it a very consumer friendly choice. The tolerance for subfloor imperfections is greater with clicking Laminate products than with the typical click Vinyl Plank floors. Tile visuals are also an option for laminate floors. There are a wide range of qualities and thicknesses of laminate floors. Not all products are created equal, and some will perform better than others. Even two products priced the same may not be of equal quality. We love to assist our customers in locating the best valued product to meet their specific needs. Our installers are industry leaders in installing laminates on floors and on stairs. Subfloor flatness is a requirement for laminates and each type will have specific standards. We will never sacrifice the floors integrity by not completing the necessary preparations to your subfloor. Anyone can install a laminate floor but installing it to proper specifications is what separates the professional installer from the rest. Did you know that if your floor is not installed to the exact manufacture’s specifications then your warranty on the actual product is completely void! 

laminate installation faq

Any Laminate floor can scratch under the right circumstances. Dragging a heavy piece of furniture with sand under the legs can make a scratch in just about any floor. However, some floors are better for resisting surface scratches than others. Researching a specific products resistance to surface scratches is an important part of the buying process. This will be an important consideration for pet owners.

Unfortunately, this happens all the time, but it not recommended as it can cause damage to your floor. Since a Laminate floor is a floating system, you should not anchor it with something like fixed cabinetry. This can result in the floor pulling apart as it does need to expand and contract slightly with changes in humidity. Anchoring the Laminate limits its ability to move as it should.

This depends on the specific laminate we are installing. Some types of laminates can be run through a doorway with out a transition piece, while others will have a manufacture requirement to be cut at every 3 foot doorway.

That depends on the size and layout of the area we are installing in, as well as the scope of work we are performing. The crew we send to your home will also affect the length of time your project will take. Some of our installers work alone and some are teams of three or more. Typically, once we know all the particulars of an install, we can provide an accurate timeline that allows our customers to plan their project.

Yes, Laminate floors require underlay. Condo board sound requirements can really impact the type of underlay you need. Some products come with an attached pad that is sufficient and others will require an additional one.

Great question! Unfortunately, the answer is not very simple, as cost is affected by many factors. Often people want a quick square footage price and that is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to most installations. Installing Laminate on stairs is more costly than installing it on your floor. Any additional work required is very job specific and makes up the entire scope of work for an installation project. Removal and replacement of doors and furniture, finishing around railings, moving appliance etc. are all very common tasks that make up a typical flooring installation. Also, the condition of your subfloor is the biggest wild card when it comes to determining the cost of an installation. Some subfloors require repairs to ensure the floor can be installed to meet the manufactures expectations. A thorough estimation process is required to provide an accurate installation cost for each project.

Typically, we want your baseboards off. Laminate does require an expansion gap and we can’t install the planks properly leaving the required gap, if the baseboards are left in place. We can install the floor leaving a gap in front of the baseboards if needed. In these circumstances, installing ¼ round in front of the baseboards is a viable option. This will cover the gap and allow the baseboard to stay in place. In some homes this can be an aesthetically pleasing option, and in others it just doesn’t look proper. Nine times out of ten we are removing and reinstalling baseboards as part of the installation procedure, or the customer is performing this task themselves.

Yes, Laminate on stairs can be a beautiful and functional option. We can do stairs as custom as us making stair nosing right out of the product or as cost effective as installing metal nosing. Stair installations can give customers some massive sticker shock but don’t be shy to ask about all the options you may have. You might be surprised at the more affordable variations available.

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