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Hardwood adds a timeless and elegant element to a home that is unmatched by any other flooring product. There are many different species of wood and each offer unique attributes. There are a huge range of qualities of Hardwood flooring products. The installation methods and site conditions for these floors is of great importance. Harwood floors are either nailed, stapled, glued or floated. Depending on your subfloor and installation environment certain applications may be preferred over others. To ensure you have a floor that best suits your environment and living conditions you will want the help of an expert in selecting your materials. You most certainly will want a professional installer as these products require a wealth of knowledge and skill to install them. Acclimation is extremely important in our climates and a step that’s importance should never be underestimated. Engineered floors typically have a wider range of installation environmental tolerances however, they still require acclimation and proper maintenance of your homes environment. So often customers are shocked when their floors fail for not maintaining their internal environment and we have seen complete irreparable disasters when a products environment parameters are not met. Following the manufacture and the NWFA installation methods are paramount to a Hardwood installation. Our installers know our climate, know the absolute best practices and will guarantee you have a floor that is installed correctly. Installing a Hardwood floor is one area that truly lets an installers experience shine! Chevron and herringbone patterns are very popular with Hardwood installations and we love to see these designer floors transform a space.

Hardwood installation faq

Typically, we want to run Hardwood floors perpendicular to your joists. Determining your joist direction will give us the best indication of what way we should run your floor. If you have your heart set on running your floor parallel to your joists we can discuss the additional steps required, prior to installing your floor to ensure we do not run into any sagging between the joists in the future.

This will depend on the specific product you choose. Many engineered products today can be installed over hydronic heating systems, but there are plenty of wood flooring products that can not. Research will be required to determine if your product can go over radiant heating systems and if so, what the approved installation methods will be.

This is a touchy subject as some people have very strong feelings one way or the other. It really depends on the quality of floors we are comparing and truly there is no easy answer to this question as there are so many variables to consider. In many cases engineered floors have been designed to withstand a greater range of environmental conditions. This can be a huge bonus in our very dry climate as homeowners will struggle to maintain a home environment that is ideal for a solid wood floor. We love to discuss all the pro’s and cons and it would be our pleasure to delve into this complex world of solid vs engineered- reach out anytime if you want the long answer to this question!

That depends on the size and layout of the area we are installing in, as well as the scope of work we are performing. The crew we send to your home will also affect the length of time your project will take. Some of our installers work alone and some are teams of three or more. Typically, once we know all the particulars of an install, we can provide an accurate timeline that allows our customers to plan their project.

It depends on your specific product and your installation environment. Condo board sound requirements can really impact this decision. Floating engineered Hardwood Flooring will always require an underlayment.

Great question! Unfortunately, the answer is not very simple, as cost is affected by many factors. Often people want a quick square footage price and that is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to most installations. Whether we are nailing, floating or gluing your Hardwood Floor will determine the installation cost. Installing Hardwood on stairs is more costly than installing it on your floor. Any additional work required is very job specific and makes up the entire scope of work for an installation project. Removal and replacement of doors and furniture, finishing around railings, moving appliance etc. are all very common tasks that make up a typical flooring installation. Also, the condition of your subfloor is the biggest wild card when it comes to determining the cost of an installation. Some subfloors require repairs to ensure the floor can be installed to meet the manufactures expectations. A thorough estimation process is required to provide an accurate installation cost for each project.

Typically, we want your baseboards off. Hardwood Flooring products do require an expansion gap and we can’t install the planks properly leaving the required gap, if the baseboards are left in place. We can install the floor leaving a gap in front of the baseboards if needed. In these circumstances, installing ¼ round in front of the baseboards is a viable option. This will cover the gap and allow the baseboard to stay in place. In some homes this can be an aesthetically pleasing option, and in others it just doesn’t look proper. Nine times out of ten we are removing and reinstalling baseboards as part of the installation procedure, or the customer is performing this task themselves.

Yes, Hardwood on stairs can be one of the most stunning features of an installation. Rounded, curved or straight our stair installations can be as unique as your staircase requires.

Any floor can scratch under the right circumstances. Dragging a heavy piece of furniture with sand under the legs can make a scratch in just about any floor. However, some floors are better for resisting surface scratches than others. Researching a specific products resistance to surface scratches is an important part of the buying process. This will be an important consideration for pet owners.

Provided that the Hardwood is fastened to your subfloor, you can run it under your cabinets or island. If the Hardwood is a floating system, then the cabinets should not be installed on top of the floor. 

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