Knowing what to expect makes taking on a renovation that much easier. Here is what you can expect when you contact us for an installation:

Home Visit

We visit your home and assess the space you need flooring in. People often want a quick over the phone quote, which is never accurate, as there are so many variables that are unique to each space. When we are at your home, we will be taking note of the following: your subfloor type and condition, your windows (for direct sunlight), home humidity, furniture moving requirements, baseboards, door and closet clearances, subfloor height differences, stairs and stair railings that may be sitting on the floor, appliances that may need to be moved, toilets and sinks that may need to be removed and replaced, existing flooring that may need to be removed and disposed of, in-floor heating systems and a plethora of other things. Sometimes, we discover that the flooring someone is considering is not appropriate for their space.  For example, they chose a wood floor that can only be nailed down and they have a concrete subfloor. Many of these things can only be determined by an onsite inspection. Finally, we will use a laser and computer program to create room diagrams and layouts with measurements. Finally, our Edmonton flooring installers will prepare and discuss a detailed line by line itemized list of what is required to complete your installation. 

Excellent workmanship great job, very professional very good on detail. Thank you very much!

Call & Quote
We call you to discuss your quote and email you a copy of it. This quote is honoured for 6 months barring any changes to your site.

Let’s Go! 
You choose to proceed with your installation. At this point, you either have product onsite or are waiting for it to arrive. We are able to deliver local products. Certain products require acclimation. They will need to be inside your home for the required time period prior to us installing it. The time requirement varies with the product type. 

Book Your Install
Once your product is at your home, we will book an install date that is convenient to you and allows for the acclimation period.

Install Day
Installers will arrive on time and complete your install in an efficient manner. We require that you are on-site the day the installation begins to answer any questions that may arise, verify product selection etc.

Install Walk Through
Upon completion, the installer will provide you with a copy of the manufacture warranty and maintenance documents that came with your floor. They will ensure you are completely satisfied with your new floor and then collect payment.

We will email you our warranty package complete with your home environment report.

You call us again the next time you need a flooring installer.